Expert in electrician hand tools

Continued & Improving

赛车pk10选号技巧 MARLOW CRIMPING TOOLS INDUSTRY CO., LTD has been established in Taiwan for 25 years. We specialize in developing and producing hand tools and electric-powered tools. With decades of rich experience and persistence in quality, we manufacture products that meet the market demand and are of high quality.

In order to be on the cutting edge of market, MARLOW keeps improving technology and quality. To provide customers with quality and innovative products, we strive for perfection and create climax repeatedly in the field of electrician hand tools.



Professional & Quality

"Quality, service and innovation" has always been MARLOW's business philosophy. We not only provide high quality products, show the enthusiasm of service, and strive for continuous innovation. MARLOW has a first-class design team dedicated to actively developing new products.

Using CNC lathes and milling machines, senior professional technicians can produce excellent electrician hand tools through the precise calculation of digital computers. The design quality of all products is strictly checked. We also undertake OEM business and manufacturing. The type specification of our electric-powered tools meets the customer’s needs. And the quality of our products is better than what customer expected.



Customized & International

MARLOW offers a wide range of products to customers, and we value customized services. We understand every customer’s needs carefully, and develop different kinds of customized manual tools and electric-powered tools according to the client’s expectations. The product has been tested many times.

For delivering the best products to customers, we strictly control the quality of products. MARLOW‘s products have been sold from Taiwan to overseas for many years. Our customers are from America, Europe, Middle East, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and China. MARLOW are well received by many international customers. Our persistence and enthusiasm are always the same. We are your reliable manufacturer of electrician hand tools.

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